Saturday, 1 November 2014

Time for an update!

Again a bit overdue but now's a good time as any I guess for an update. As of last post, which was a big fail on my part, I've learned some valuable lessons. One of which is the following: JUST FOLLOW THE BL**DY TREND. I clearly did not follow that rule with the gamble I took. But it was a valuable lesson.

So...I decided to get back into trading. I took out a small loan for it this time. And because I kept ignoring the trend at first, I'm not up as much as I could've been but I followed it enough to have broken even so far. My current positions are in BBRY, IRDM, and NOK as they're currently all on an upward trend. NOK seems to be starting to head sideways though so I think I'll take the small profit I made there now. I think I will also try and sell IRDM off early with small profits if I can as liquidity seems low in it. Right now, I'm mostly waiting to see how the ER for HLF is going to be to see if I should go long or short with them. Another new contender to consider is BONA and ALU, which RussetB from Seeking Alpha mentioned to me. They both seem to be on an uptrend as well. Also keeping an eye on AAPL and WPRT if I get time or make enough to get in on.

Key thing is to try for profit. I'm also focusing on discipline side now a bit more since I've been a bit impatient with my earlier trades. I'm sticking a 3 month time frame for most of my trades except obvious very-short term moves due to moves from ER releases.


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