Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I've made a mistake...

Looks like I made a mistake in my analysis on BBRY. I let myself get carried away by the hopes that many were placing on it and misread the direction of the trend. Which was/is actually going sideways right now. My own earlier analysis didn't show BBRY hitting $15 until after January. But I got greedy and let myself get caught up in the flow of people pumping the stock up and thought it would go up to $15 after this last ER. As such, I had bought too many contracts at a price target that it likely won't hit and killed off my capital.

Since I didn't mind losing the money I had invested to begin with, I am going to continue to hold them and sell them off between the 8th of October and the 10th of October. Chances are, I'll be taking a heavy loss though. Of course if the price doesn't stay above $10 per share, I will be losing ALL my investment.

I think I will add a new rule. Once I've set my position and the time frame for it, keep it unless I lose a certain % of it. Going to set that % loss to 15%...of the options contracts I buy.

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