Thursday, 21 August 2014

Updating my exit points

Time to update my exit points based on current market performance.

First will be for Apple. The exit point for Apple is going up to $99. If it can't stay above that mark, it might be a better idea to get out and watch or go with a put order. I don't see it going this low yet though as it's still an overall bull market.

Next up is GTAT. For this, I am bumping the exit point to $16 a share. It feels like a better stop loss point for it. Don't see this reaching this low either unless Apple screws them over. In which case, it would be better to short both.

Blackberry exit point is going up to $9 a share. It's crept up past $10 a share now without going below $9.25. I see this as a good sign as it means that it can continue up the path of least resistance. Which seems to be up.

Need to keep an eye on the indexes too. Who knows when a bear will pop out of hibernation.

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