Wednesday, 1 May 2013

First post!

So, I've decided to start my blog to keep track of my finances. Or at least my financial plans. I think I'll post "lessons" that I've learned that I feel are important too. As I learn them anyway.

My long-term financial goals:

- To earn an active income through trading
- To have the time to pursue my other hobbies freely

My Short-term financial goals:

- Eliminate household debt (mostly for my mom as my siblings SHOULD be able to handle themselves)
- Setup my investment portfolio in a way that it is self sustaining
- Learn how to reduce risk when trading
- Learn how to trade in markets other than equity
- Change to a different broker...sometime soon.

My long-term goals obviously won't change for quite some time. But my short-term will change as I achieve them or think of more to add on.

I think that'll do for a first post.

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