Thursday, 2 May 2013

Achievement Unlocked: Debt Consolidation 1

Alright. The debt on my mothers credit cards have been consolidated by my line of credit. I guess phase 1 of eliminating household debt is complete. Phase 1.5 will be trying to convince my dad to cut his spending through credit cards and consolidate his debt (though it'll have to be through a different company).

The total debt paid came out to a little over $8000. My mother will be paying $250 a month to my LoC, which has an interest rate of Prime + 3%. I'll probably add more on myself to get rid of it faster. Sooner the LoC gets paid off, the sooner phase 2 will be complete. Phase 3...will probably be the mortgage.

For now, to see what my dad uses his credit cards for...this Saturday. Until then, I'll keep him wondering if I'll do anything or not ;)

Edit: Small correction. The total debt came out to be almost $7000.

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